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The X METAWORLD is a play-to-earn adventure blockchain metaverse where gamers can earn XMETA tokens by owning NFT objects and interacting with other players on the Binance Smart Chain network. The X METAVERSE PRO is a big monetary and gaming environment that is decentralized, and within this ecosystem, users, collectors, and game developers can all be paid for their involvement and pleasure of the games.


It is the most up-to-date architecture for securing and making it simple to create digital identities and assets.

X METAWORLD allow anybody to create smart contracts and upload them to the Metaverse chain using programs like Truffle, Remix, and MetaMask. Smart contracts will work with everything that compiles to EVM bytecode and with Solidity, which will be supported.


For more scalability, long-term growth, and maintenance, X METAVERSE PRO uses the Substrates modular structure to connect decentralized apps, services, and enable other self reliant blockchains to interact, exchange information, and conduct trades at a minimal cost.


Proof of Work (POW) to decide block authoring. Proof of Stake (POS) eliminates voting and validating committees by having the entire network verify each block. As a result, the platform will be able to prevent 51% attacks while simultaneously providing a consistent distribution of mining rewards to investors and stakeholders.

The X METAWORLD Platform

Discover X METAWORLD and even build your own metaverse right this minute!

Why Invest in X METAWORLD?

When compared to standard asset management companies, X METAWORLD is more transparent. The users’ identities and investment levels are not restricted. The blockchain’s decentralized asset features can considerably reduce operational and intermediary expenses, and it has lower cost requirements.
In order to minimize the distribution of investment returns to members and increase the return on capital, it might offer consumers high return features. No regulatory permission is necessary, and investors can rapidly create funds or engage in investments, making it more efficient to set up a pool of funds or build fund products.
It is more safe, whether it is on-chain exchanges or smart contract assurance, “no trust, only verification,” and it can also track the transaction. X METAWORLD is more open, effectively removing all black-box processes.